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A South African Water Crisis. Where Climate Change And Neoliberalism Meet.

Simon F. Täuber & Mads H. Højgaard – Roskilde 2018 – Open access to full report via The Danish Royal Library

In the news, we watch events unfold in front of us every day – locally, regionally, nationally and globally. We see multitudes of headlines, telling of remote places around the globe, all adding to our perception of the state of the world as a whole. The South African water crisis, mainly playing out in the Western Cape region, is one such event.

The research project at hand provides an insight into the current local struggles in the most southern city on the continent of Africa and from there goes beyond the headlines by zooming out to the global context, showcasing the linkages, parallels and implications of water scarcity. Doing so is a necessity in a world that is more connected than ever before and increasingly influenced by nationalism and cultural identity. Further, in the context of climate change and severe weather events around the globe, finding answers to the question of how to confront these diverse challenges is crucial for all of us.